Campaigners to protest NHS privatisation outside hospital

Whiston Hospital
Whiston Hospital
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Protestors battling against creeping privatisation in the health service are planning a demonstration at a local hospital.

The branch of national campaign group Fighting 4 Our NHS which covers St Helens is organising the event outside Whiston Hospital on March 3.

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Demonstrators say the NHS is not receiving the funding it should be and consequently struggling to cope with growing demands on the system.

The group's biggest fear is of a move towards US-style health care with insurance needed but is concerned about a raft of other issues including service cuts, ambulance delays, staff pay cuts and the scrapping of nursing bursaries.

The campaign at Whiston comes on the same day as protestors gather in Halton.

Group member Joanne Dyas said: "The NHS is our most cherished institution which is, we fear, being purposely run down in order to justify fully privatising it. We are not prepared to sit back and allow this to happen.

"Please join us; the NHS desperately needs you, your support and protection."

The St Helens, Whiston, Halton and Warrington group of Fighting 4 Our NHS was only formed earlier this month and its success mirrors the rapid growth of the national organisation, which has gained a membership of around 33,500 in just a few short weeks.

The Whiston Hospital demonstration is at 1pm on March 3. Find out more by searching for Halton Warrington Whiston St Helens Fighting 4 Our NHS on Facebook.