Health chiefs appeal for return of costly equipment

Whiston Hospital
Whiston Hospital
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Knowsley’s Integrated Community Equipment Service (ICES), is running a campaign to encourage patients to return all NHS loaned equipment that they no longer need, so it can be cleaned, recycled and put to good use again.

The service, which is delivered by North West Boroughs Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, provides free NHS equipment to support patients across Knowsley and Sefton.

ICES is asking that everyone takes the time to check if they have any NHS community equipment they no longer need and to get in touch as soon as possible to arrange a free collection, as part of their equipment amnesty.

Every year around 20,000 pieces of equipment are loaned out in Knowsley but less than half of these are returned. This costs the local NHS over £300,000 a year to replace.

Some examples of how much money could be saved by returning unused NHS community equipment include:

Each wheeled zimmer frame saves the NHS around £17

Each bath lift returned saves the NHS around £200

Each pressure mattress returned saves the NHS between £140 and £550

Each kitchen trolley returned saves the NHS around £40

Sara Harrison, head of service for the Centre of Independent Living, said: “We need to make best use of our resources and ask anyone who has any equipment such as walking aids, kitchen or bathroom aids, supportive seating, specialist mattresses or cushions to kindly return them.

“Everyone will be aware of the financial pressures currently facing the NHS, and the Community Equipment Amnesty is one way to help save some money locally.”

If you or a relative has any NHS equipment you no longer need, you can arrange for it to be collected free of charge by contacting the Knowsley Integrated Community Equipment Service (ICES) on: 0151 244 4380

Alternatively, you can return the equipment yourself, during opening hours (Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm) at the following address:

The Knowsley Centre for Independent Living

Unit 11 Brickfields,

Huyton Business Park,

L36 6HY