Fish cakes recalled over fears they contain pieces of metal

A major frozen food producer is recalling packets of fish cakes over fears they could contain pieces of metal and plastic.
Laura Black

Charity dinner at Leigh Sports Village for Teardrops in St Helens

The courage and inspiration of a young mum is behind a fund-raising drive in Leigh to raise cash for research in to Cystic Fibrosis and to help the homeless.
Health and fitness expert Ryan Donohue, of Fitness Formation, in Lancaster

How alcohol really affects your diet

As fitness professionals, one of the biggest aspects of our job role is to help to provide guidance on nutrition and this can often encroach on the subject of alcohol.
Cases of Aussie flu are increasingly spreading from Blackpool and the Flyde coast to the rest of Lancashire. (s)

Call to spot the signs of flu as cases rise in Lancashire

The NHS is warning people to be on the lookout for symptoms of the potentially deady "Aussie" flu following a rise in Lancashire cases.

Health crisis

A&E ambulance waits soar to winter high in Christmas week

Delays in ambulances delivering patients to A&E departments in England have reached their highest level of the winter, new figures show, as hospitals struggle with mounting demands on their services.

The patient got glitter in her eye when it rubbed off a Christmas card

Woman nearly blinded by Christmas card glitter

A woman was nearly blinded by a Christmas card when a piece of glitter worked its way into her eyeball.

St Helens Hospital

NHS hospitals told to cancel pre-planned operations

Hundreds of operations are to be cancelled at St Helens hospitals following a national directive.

Women who want a private room after giving birth on the NHS can expect to pay up to 450 a night

NHS hospitals offer private rooms for new mothers at up to £450 a night

Women who want a private room after giving birth on the NHS can expect to pay up to £450 a night, an analysis has shown.

One in three regularly plead with their partner to change their lifestyle

Millions of Brits fear for partners’ health

Three in four Brits are concerned about the health of their partner - due to stress and lack of exercise, according to research.

Professor Helen Stokes-Lampard, the Royal College of GPs (RCGP) chairwoman, has urged patients to take three simple steps before booking a GP appointment

Three simple steps advised before you see your doctor

Patients have been urged to take three simple steps before booking a GP appointment to help family doctors cope with soaring demand.
Slimming Pills

January dieters might be tempted by these risky quick fixes

Lisa Salmon finds out why you should be wary of unregulated weight loss aids.

Emergency care assistants, or other non-fully qualified paramedics, attended at least 939,893 incidents

Number of emergency calls attended by non-fully qualified paramedics revealed

More than 900,000 emergency calls for ambulances were answered without paramedics last year, new figures reveal ahead of what could be one of the busiest nights of the year for the service.
More than 1,300 doctors in the United Kingdom took part in the MPS survey earlier this year.

Legal claims lead to defensive practice and over-investigating

GPs are being unnecessarily cautious when dealing with patients because they are worried about being sued, a survey has found.

Talk to your child about having some responses ready if they are asked to send explicit images

Advice for parents concerned about children sexting

Child safety group Internet Matters has released a new list of tips for parents who are concerned about their children taking part in sexting.
Christmas can be like a scene fromNational Lampoons Christmas Vacation

The common and not so common injuries sustained at Christmas

The festive period is a time for family, friends and happiness. The worst thing most people face is a bit of digestive discomfort from overeating.
Current guidelines recommend that an alcohol-free childhood is best

Under age drinking warning as study finds sixth of parents let young drink at 14

Health experts have warned of the dangers of under age drinking after a study found that one in six parents allow their children to drink alcohol at the age of 14.

Be prepared for those questions

How to answer 9 of the most challenging questions kids love to ask

From 'Is Father Christmas real' to 'Why is the sky blue?', youngsters know how to put parents on the spot.

Plain dried pasta and noodles are still free

Popular Slimming World ‘free foods’ now counted as ‘syns’

Slimming World has made major changes to its diet plan with some popular ‘free foods’ now counted as ‘syns’.
Men are also more susceptible to complications

Enormous televisions and reclining chairs recommended in fight against man flu

The much-debated phenomenon of "man flu" may have some basis in fact, researchers have said.
Peppa Pig is broadcast in more than 180 countries

Peppa Pig blamed for 'inappropriate use of Primary Care Services'

Cartoon character Peppa Pig has been blamed for contributing to patients' unrealistic expectations of what they can expect from their GP.

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