Don't let stress take control of your life

Did you know that this month is Stress Awareness Month?

Eight out of 10 police officers are showing signs of depression according to a new report

Majority of police officers are depressed about work

Eight out of 10 police officers are displaying signs of depression or anxiety as a result of “doing too much”, the chairman of the Police Federation has warned.

Theyre entertaining

Why your dog is your best mate

Dogs have been celebrated as man’s best friend for centuries – and that’s no accident. Your dog is probably the best friend you will ever have, when you’re looking your worst or feeling under the weather they will be there to cheer you up.

Does losing an hours sleep leave you wiped out?

Top tips on how to survive the clock going forward

With the clocks going forward on 25 March 2018, The Sleep Council is offering advice on how to survive the ‘lost hour'.

Derek Cartwright is 'retiring' from his role, the ambulance service has confirmed

Ambulance chief to retire - weeks after service is branded a 'shambles'

Ambulance service chief executive Derek Cartwright is to leave his role, it can be revealed.

What makes you happy on this special day?

People across the North West and the world over are celebrating the sixth annual International Day of Happiness today.

Scott and Danielle Whitfield

St Helens couple inspired by daughter raise money for good cause

A charity supporting children with liver disease has been given a financial boost by a couple from St Helens.

Another reason to quit cigarettes on No Smoking Day

Today is No Smoking Day and new research suggests smoking is not only bad for the lungs and heart, it can also damage your hearing.
GP surgery

Public less satisfied with family doctors

Public satisfaction with GP services has dropped to the lowest level since the 1980s, a survey has found.

Breast screening

‘Postcode lottery’ breast cancer care and survival

Shortages in the breast cancer workforce in the North West have reached a critical level with over one in five mammography posts vacant, it was claimed today.

Get your blood sugar checked

Crisis alert as cases of diabetes hit 3.7m

The number of people living with diabetes has doubled in the last 20 years, a charity has said.
Whiston Hospital

Campaigners to protest NHS privatisation outside hospital

Protestors battling against creeping privatisation in the health service are planning a demonstration at a local hospital.
Speedy Direct in Haydock

Mystery surrounds medical incident at hire company

Mystery surrounds an incident in which nine workers were treated by paramedics for breathing difficulties.
Paramedics took the man believing him to be genuinely ill

Man fakes medical emergency for free ride to hospital

A man faked a medical emergency to get a lift to hospital from paramedics, local ambulance workers have revealed.
Fish cakes recalled over fears they contain pieces of metal

Fish cakes recalled over fears they contain pieces of metal

A major frozen food producer is recalling packets of fish cakes over fears they could contain pieces of metal and plastic.
Laura Black

Charity dinner at Leigh Sports Village for Teardrops in St Helens

The courage and inspiration of a young mum is behind a fund-raising drive in Leigh to raise cash for research in to Cystic Fibrosis and to help the homeless.
Health and fitness expert Ryan Donohue, of Fitness Formation, in Lancaster

How alcohol really affects your diet

As fitness professionals, one of the biggest aspects of our job role is to help to provide guidance on nutrition and this can often encroach on the subject of alcohol.
Cases of Aussie flu are increasingly spreading from Blackpool and the Flyde coast to the rest of Lancashire. (s)

Call to spot the signs of flu as cases rise in Lancashire

The NHS is warning people to be on the lookout for symptoms of the potentially deady "Aussie" flu following a rise in Lancashire cases.

Health crisis

A&E ambulance waits soar to winter high in Christmas week

Delays in ambulances delivering patients to A&E departments in England have reached their highest level of the winter, new figures show, as hospitals struggle with mounting demands on their services.

The patient got glitter in her eye when it rubbed off a Christmas card

Woman nearly blinded by Christmas card glitter

A woman was nearly blinded by a Christmas card when a piece of glitter worked its way into her eyeball.

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