Haydock company secures anti-terror barrier contract

ATG Access's partner firm in northern China
ATG Access's partner firm in northern China
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A Haydock firm has signed international partnership deals to provide anti-terror road blocker, bollard and vehicle barrier systems.

ATG Access has been exporting for over 10 years from its Haydock headquarters, ATG Access has now joined forces for the first time with distributors based in Germany, Spain and Northern China to ensure these countries have access to high-end security solutions.

Following a number of fatal terror attacks last year across Europe, including attacks in Spain and Germany, awareness around the need for high security solutions has increased considerably in these areas.

Alongside this, the Chinese security market for automatic bollards and barriers is projected to grow by 20 to 45 per cent

a year.

ATG Access has recently secured a project in China that will see the company protect the Bund area in Shanghai.

Work in the Bund area is currently ongoing, and ATG is keen to explore further opportunities in the region.

Given the heightened global security threat, ATG Access is aiming to expand into new international markets and develop more products to appeal to different customer bases around the world.

Over the last ten years, ATG Access has increased its export business 30-times in value, supplying over 40 countries with security products.

It now has over 30 distributors positioned around the world.

Gavin Hepburn, director at ATG Access, said: “We are very excited to announce our new partnerships with distributors based in Germany, Spain and Northern China.

“This is the first time we’ve had distributors in these areas, and the partnership in Northern China ties into our work in the Bund, Shanghai.

“We have signed these partnerships as part of our continued growth strategy as the leading exporter based in the North West, and to remain in line with our track record of exporting around the world over the last ten years.

“The benefit of local partners is that they can provide us with engineering capabilities we need in these countries to support our systems and processes.

“Working with local companies based overseas is a key part our export strategy and will help to increase our global reach.”

Jie Yan, ATG’s export manager for Asia, recently completed a product training course with its new partner in northern China and said: “It’s been a great learning experience going through the ATG product training with our new partners in Northern China.

“It’s helped solidify the relationship between our two companies and they are now eager to start distributing ATG products.”