Grieving wife joins our Jam Jar Army

Happier times - Paul Cooney with his wife Susan
Happier times - Paul Cooney with his wife Susan

A benefit night organised in memory of a Willowbrook Hospice patient who succumbed to cancer raised a staggering £5,500.

Family man Paul Cooney, 48, was at the peak of fitness when he was diagnosed with cancer but sadly passed away in June after spending his final few weeks at Willowbrook.

His wife of 10 years, Susan, who has since joined the Reporter’s Jamjar Army appeal, said: “It was a terrible shock when we received the news – especially as Paul was so healthy and had run six marathons in the last few years.

“But Paul’s favourite saying about the hospice was ‘it’s just perfect’.”

Since Paul’s death, Susan was determined to raise much-needed funds for Willowbrook and, together with friends and family, organised a special benefit night in celebration of Paul’s life.

The event - which included a balloon release in honour of Paul’s beloved Everton FC - raised £5,500 for the hospice.