Grandmother’s plea for stolen keepsakes

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A DISTRAUGHT grandmother is appealing for the return of sentimental items lost from her handbag.

The woman, who does not want to be named, was walking along Chapel Street in the town centre with her grandson on Sundayat at around 2.15pm when the bag went missing.

She suspects the large pink bag, which has two big pockets on the front, was stolen and is appealing to whoever took the bag to return the many sentimental items taken.

She said: “I was pushing my grandson in his buggy and had the bag over the handles.

“There’s no way the bag just fell off. That’s happened before and it makes big noise because there’s so much stuff in there.

“There was cash in there which I know will be gone but it the pictures and stuff from my dad that has no value to anyone else means so much to me that I want back.”

The woman intends to report the incident to police and is offering a reward for the safe return of the handbag, asking that anyone who knows where the bang is returns it to the nearest police station.