Golfer impaled on metal spike left buried in the rough

Mark Bonati was playing golf and when he walked through the rough to retrieve his ball he got a metal spike impaled through his leg
Mark Bonati was playing golf and when he walked through the rough to retrieve his ball he got a metal spike impaled through his leg
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A GOLFER suffered a gruesome leg injury after a hidden metal spike speared through his shin as he trudged through the rough.

Mark Bonati’s right leg became impaled on a steel marker, which had been left driven into the ground, as he enjoyed a round with three old school friends last Wednesday evening (July 27).

Amazingly, despite the spike piercing all the way through the 25-year-old’s shin and calf, he is now out of hospital and recovering at home.

The ex-Rainford High pupil, of Windle, said: “Two of us sent our balls into the rough from the fifth tee so I played my shot before helping to find my friend’s ball.

“Then, as we walked through the rough towards the green, I suddenly walked into a rusty metal spike which was concealed in the undergrowth. It went straight through the side of my shin and through my calf muscle - all the way through my leg.

“I was in agony at first but it quickly turned into a sort of numb, throbbing pain as I lay down on the ground. Initially, my friends thought I had tripped over and hurt my ankle but they all panicked when they realised what had happened.

“One of them called an ambulance and the firefighters ended up having to cut the bar from underneath my leg. I was then put on a stretcher and carried about 150 metres to the ambulance - still with part of the bar embedded in my leg.”

Emergency teams were called to the North West National Golf and Country Club in Rainford at about 7.30pm.

Crews from Eccleston Fire Station helped the region’s search and rescue team to slice through the spike.

Paramedics, who were joined at the scene by the ambulance service’s Hazardous Area Response Team (HART), then briefed Whiston Hospital about Mark’s injuries prior to his arrival.

Mark, who owns the Village Larder cafe in Rainford, was given gas and air and a tetanus jab as he arrived at A and E before doctors tugged the spike out of his leg.

He then spent all day recuperating on Thursday (July 28) before undergoing an operation to clean out the wound.

Mark, who plays at hooker for Liverpool/St Helens rugby club, now looks certain to miss the start of the rugby season but is no stranger to injury rehabilitation.

He added: “I’ve broken all sorts of bones playing sport in my time but I didn’t expect this to happen during a leisurely round of golf.

“I’m on crutches at the moment because I can’t put any weight on that leg and, all being well, will have my stitches out at the end of next week.

“But I’ll have to see how the muscles heal before I start planting my foot properly again - let alone playing rugby. It’s going to be a long road to recovery.”

Golf course owner Martin Turner said: “We’re obviously very sorry this incident occurred and immediate steps have been taken to clear the area.

“We have been in contact with Mr Bonati’s family and hope to see him fully recovered soon.”