Golden cubs named

TWO newborn female lion cubs have been named after the golden girls of Team GB by keepers at Knowsley Safari Park.

Affectionately named Jessica and Victoria in honour of Olympic stars Jessica Ennis and Victoria Pendleton, the eight week-old cubs are predicted to be a roaring success among visitors.

The adorable cubs are set to spend a few more weeks with their mother Jasmine in a specially designed paddock, before being integrated into the pride alongside their father, Kenya.

Both new arrivals have been in isolation since birth, but are now slowly being introduced to the bigger lions through a protective fence for their safety.

Already heavier than a fully grown domestic cat, they will have their final jabs at 13-weeks-old before being introduced to the pride once they are strong and healthy enough.

Lion keeper Olly O’Malley said: “We are always excited about new additions to the pride and watching their individual personalities develop.”