Glamour model finds health and happiness

Louise Glover
Louise Glover
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A FORMER St Helens glamour model has won a top award – in her new career as a bodybuilder.

Louise Glover, once a Playboy and page three star, ditched her old career to become a fitness model.

She made the change after becoming seriously ill and going through a divorce.

Now though, her life is on the up and she has won her first ever fitness contest after a year of hard work.

Taking up the story, the 30-year-old said: “I found myself alone with no where to live, lost and confused. I then decided to remove my breast implants that helped my career go from UK Page 3 model to winning Playboys model of the year.

“I worked with Playboy for 10 years, most of my career as a model. Not long after I had to have surgery to fix my rolled up pectoral muscle from previous surgery.

“In total I had 20 chest and breast operations to fix my 
pec muscle and resulted in having it partially removed, leaving some rolled up and partially paralysed on my side. I soon got infection after infection which then led onto the deadly blood infection Septicaemia.

“I was rushed into hospital, and hospitalised for three weeks. It was a lonely time, painful, distressing and I was scared, weak and vulnerable.

“Having a near death experience has changed my life. I went into a deep depression due to divorce and being so ill. I had to do one thing, and that’s get healthy.”

Louise, who hails from Sutton, began eating healthily and hitting the gym.

She entered a number of competitions and gained positive results and won her first one at the Miami Pro Universe Championships.

“Last summer I started eating clean with lost of fish, vegetables, salads drinking lots of water and other yummy healthy foods,” added Louise.

“I joined the gym to get my body strong and as a result into the best shape of my life. I decided I needed to set some sub goals and I entered a fitness contest a year ago.

“I came fourth, then two months after I did another and came third at Bikini level, WBFF in Iceland, then I entered another three months after and got leaner and came third in WBFF in Denmark at fitness leve;l.

“Then in the summer entered Miami Pro came fifth at Bikini, then I needed a break as I hadn’t stopped but despite hitting a training plateau I just couldn’t stop, I found peace and happiness from lifting weights, it helped me over come depression.”