Girl, two, almost cuts her wrist on glass left in pub cutlery holder

Jonathan Sinnott with his daughter Ruby at the Glass Horse in St Helens
Jonathan Sinnott with his daughter Ruby at the Glass Horse in St Helens
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A St Helens dad was left horrified after his two-year-old almost cut her wrist on a large shard of glass left in a condiment holder at a family pub.

Jonathan Sinnott and his wife Julie took their daughter Ruby to the Glass Horse in St Helens town centre for lunch when the shocking incident happened.

When the family sat at their table, little Ruby stuck her hand into the bucket-style cutlery and condiment holder to share out sachets with her parents.

The youngster’s startled parents then realised several pieces of glass had left in the bucket, buried underneath packets of ketchup and mayonnaise.

Jonathan, of Pennington Lane, Burtonwood, complained to staff but was less than impressed by the response of management at the Sherdley Road eaterie.

After the Reporter brought Jonathan’s concerns to Hungry Horse, who own the Glass Horse, pub bosses have apologised and say they are now investigated how the blunder occurred.

Jonathan, a 39-year-old property developer, said: “We go there once or twice a week. The first thing my daughter does is stick her hand into the bucket and get the knives and forks and sauces out and that is what happened on this occasion.

“It was such a lucky escape. I asked the staff about it and they sent for the duty manager. She said she would let us finish our meal then come over and talk about it. At the end of the meal, we waited around but nobody came over to see us.

“We were busy so we said we’re going but can someone give us a call to talk to us about it and explain what happened.

“We left our number but nobody called us. I waited and eventually I called to speak to the manager.

“He said that what had happened was that they had used the bucket to clear up some broken glass and it had inadvertently been placed back on a table.

“When it first happened me and my wife, as well as the waitress who we first flagged it up to, thought it was the work of some sick individual.

“To find out that it was just carelessness and shoddy work makes it worse.

“Previously, we spent a lot of time as customers and spent a fair amount of money on family meals there but they have definitely lost us as customers.

“When I spoke to the manager on the phone, he said the duty manager didn’t return to speak to us because she was taken a delivery.

“It’s only through luck that my daughter didn’t sever her tendons on the glass they left in that bucket but clearly a stock delivery is more important than that.”

A spokesperson for the Glass Horse, who are run by the Hungry Horse chain, said: “Providing a safe environment for our guests is our top priority and we are very sorry for this unacceptable and isolated lapse in our usually high standards.

“We are investigating how this could have happened and we will take appropriate action to ensure something like this cannot happen again.”