Getting checked gets right results

GP Dr Mel Forrest
GP Dr Mel Forrest
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A CAMPAIGN to reduce incidents of cancer in St Helens is working, health chiefs say.

The early detection programme - called Get Checked - was designed to highlight key symptoms of breast, bowel and lung cancer.

Launched in 2008, it was also aimed at reducing the embarrassment felt by some about approaching their doctor.

Dr Mel Forrest, a GP who specialising in early detection of cancer for the NHS in Halton and St Helens, says the Get Checked campaign has made a impact on increasing awareness.

She said: “It’s great to see people are really starting to take note of this life saving campaign as Get checked continues to deliver first class results for Halton and St Helens.

“Breast, bowel and lung cancer can be a life changing disease. The more we shout out about key cancer symptoms, the more the public will instantly recognise them and therefore are more likely to seek advice from their doctor.

“We all know that if cancer is diagnosed at an early stage, the treatments on offer are much more effective.”

A recent survey conducted in St Helens showed almost six out of 10 people are confident about spotting the main signs of breast, bowel and lung cancers.

Dympna Edwards, Interim Director of Public Health for Halton and St Helens, added: “The results from this survey are extremely encouraging.

“The Get checked early detection of cancer programme and its volunteers are changing people’s outlook on cancer.

“I would encourage everyone to understand what’s right for their own body, and if they have any worrying symptom to not feel embarrassed, but to go to their GP and get checked.”