Gang causes train outrage

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DRUNKEN yobs from St Helens sparked outrage on a busy train to Liverpool by making vile jokes about the Hillsborough tragedy.

The incident infuriated dozens of passengers on the 18.39 Manchester to Liverpool service and only ended when the 10-strong gang left the train at Lea Green station.

The group - believed to be Manchester United fans - boarded the train at Eccles station.

Many of the group carried pint glasses on board and were swearing loudly, despite the presence of several young children.

One of the group then sparked outrage by complaining about the crowded train, saying it was “like being at Hillsborough” before leading the gang in a drunken chorus of anti-Liverpool songs.

One passenger, who asked not to be named, told the St Helens Reporter he was shocked and outraged by the gang’s behaviour.

He said: “I’m certainly not a prude, having been a regular at football matches. So, being loud and rowdy isn’t an issue.

“But comments about Hillsborough and chants of ‘if you all hate scousers clap your hands’ whilst on a train to Liverpool is inciting trouble particularly as they were turning around and goading people.”

Halfway through the journey the gang’s behaviour deteriorated even further when they began climbing on seats and banging on windows while screaming obscenities.

Ninety-six Liverpool supporters were crushed to death in the 1989 Hillsborough tragedy.

Despite causing wide-spread outrage on the train, none of the passengers reported the incident to the police.

The witness, who is from St Helens, added: “At one stage my wife actually wanted to get off the train before our stop because she was having heart palpitations and was obviously very upset

“We went past Newton and Earlestown before I actually realised that these morons were probably going to get off in St Helens. My heart sunk as we got to Lea Green and they all got up and left the train.”

A spokesman for British Transport Police said: “We are not aware of any incidents on the train in question, but can assure all passengers and rail staff that we take any form of abusive behaviour extremely seriously. When notified of any such behaviour we will seek the strongest possible sanctions for offenders.”