Full list of local election nominees

St Helens Town Hall
St Helens Town Hall
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St Helens goes to the polls next month, with one third of all ward seats up for grabs.

Among those standing are former council leader Brian Spencer, who lost his seat in 2012.

However, Marie Rimmer, who was elected as St Helens South’s MP this year, stands down as West Park’s Labour councillor.

Here’s the list in full:

Billinge and Seneley Green

Collins, Judith Margaret (Con)

McDonnell, Dennis (Lab)

Peers, Peter (Ukip)


Ashcroft, Nancy Jane (Con)

Critchley, Barry Joseph (Ukip)

Cunliffe, Alan (Lab)


O’Keefe, David (Green)

Pennington, Ian Edward (Ukip)

Wiseman, John (Lab and Co-op)

Woodcock, Barbara Evelyne (Con)


Preston, Charlie (Lab)

Sherman, Mark Paul (Ukip)

Skeech, Les (Con)


Barton, Kathleen Sheila (Con)

Graham, Alex (Lab and Co-op)

Sims, Teresa Veronica (Lib Dem)

Wagstaff, Susan Gwyneth (Ukip)


Burns, Anthony James (Lab)

Hitchen, Mark Joseph (UKIP)

Lee, Melanie Ann Marie (Con)

Moss Bank

Allen, Laurence Christopher (Ukip)

Broughton, Steve (Ind)

Connor, Deb (Green)

Harvey, Margaret Hilda Ethel (Con)

Lynch, Paul Michael John (Lab and Co-op)


Cunliffe, John Philip (Con)

Gomez-Aspron, Seve (Lab)

Parkinson, Rachel (Green)

Richardson, Mark Stephen (Ukip)

Smith, David James (Lib Dem)


Bowden, Andy (Lab)

Brown, Paul (Ind)

Levy, Susan (Ukip)

Wilcock, Madeleine Patricia (Con)


Mitchell, Alex (Lab)

Parr, Anthony James (Ukip)

Reynolds, Rob (Con)


Grunewald, Barrie Andrew (Lab)

Woodhouse, Graham Samuel (Con)


Beirne, John (Ind)

Collins, Mark Stephen (Con)

Fairhurst, John Michael (Ukip)

Jackson, Jimmy (Lab and Co-op)

Spencer, Brian Thomas (Lib Dem)

Thatto Heath

Charlton, Nova Louise (Lab)

Mackarell, Lisa (Con)

Rundle, Tony (Ukip)

Town Centre

Casson, Jonathan (Ind)

Clarke, Lynn Susan (Lab)

Leyland, Paul David (Ukip)

Spriggs, Henry John Patrick (Con)

West Park

Barton, Richard William (Con)

Ellison, Martin William (Ukip)

Long, Derek Paul (Lab)

Northey, Jessica Ayesha (Green)

Pritchard, Paul Joseph (Lab)


Ashcroft, Wally (Con)

Neal, Gill (Lab)

Parr, Maria Alison (Ukip)

Shacklady-Smith, Ann (Green)


Con ... Conservative

Lab ... Labour Party

UKIP ... UK Independence Party

Green ... Green Party

Lab and Co-op ... Labour and Co-operative Party

Lib Dem ... Liberal Democrats

Ind ... Independent