From Church Square to the top of Mount Snowdon

Steve Brogan with his daughter Grace at the top of Mount Snowdon
Steve Brogan with his daughter Grace at the top of Mount Snowdon
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A shopping centre manager and his daughter faced a mountain of a challenge over the weekend by climbing Mount Snowdon to raise funds for a once-in-a-lifetime charity trip.

Steve Brogan, Centre Manager at Church Square and his 19-year-old daughter Grace, successfully climbed more than 3,000 ft above sea level to the summit of Mount Snowdon on Saturday 22 April, raising a fantastic £1,045 for Grace to take part in a sustainable community development project in South Africa this summer.

“Getting to the top of Snowdon was challenge and a half to say the least, but standing at the summit with my daughter and looking over the breathtaking views was an unforgettable moment for both of us.” Steve said.

The father and daughter duo were aiming to raise £1,500 in order for Grace to travel to a South African village where she has been accepted onto the Volunteer Eco Students Abroad program (VESA).

There she will be helping a local chief tackle issues such as the lack of clean, running water as well as educating locals about the importance of sustainability, health and hygiene and conservation. The pair have raised £1,045 in sponsorship to date with more donations on the way.

Reflecting on the adventure, Steve said: “What we faced walking up Mount Snowdon doesn’t even compare to what many people in South Africa, and around the world for that matter, go through on a daily basis.

“Whenever we felt like having a grumble about how sore our feet were, we soon reminded ourselves that small children walk for miles on end in unforgiving heat to collect parasite-filled water, which carries diseases.”

Psychology and counselling student Grace said: “When I first told my dad that I planned to hike up Snowdon I was delighted when he said he wanted to come with me - I’m so glad we got to do it together. He always says how proud he is of me, but I’m so proud of him too.”

“I wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has sponsored us as the trip to South Africa means the world to me. It’s going to be eye-opening and, no doubt, life-changing and I can’t wait to jet out there in a few months.”

To find out more about Grace’s trip and to donate, please visit rowdfunding/gracebroganafrica