Frank awarded ‘free’ doctorate

Frank Cottrell Boyce
Frank Cottrell Boyce

ACCLAIMED writer and co-creator of the Olympic opening ceremony Frank Cottrell Boyce has received an honorary doctorate from Edge Hill University.

The Rainhill-born screenwriter, novelist and actor - also known for his children’s fiction - was acknowledged for his outstanding contribution to British culture.

He said: “I feel really bad because these students have worked so hard to get their degrees and I’m getting mine for free.

“Seriously though, it’s been fantastic, it’s not the kind of award you ever expect to get. It’s been great to meet the students too, especially those in film because they are the future.”

In the early 90s, Cottrell Boyce wrote for Brookside and Coronation Street before moving into film in 1995 with the original screenplay for Butterfly Kiss.

He has since become one of the leading and most respected screenwriters of his generation.

However, it is his work with director Danny Boyle on the opening ceremony for the 2012 Olympics which introduced his work to a host of new admirers.

He added: “In the year leading up to the ceremony, we must have received the worst press ever, with comments saying it would be ‘dreadful’ and a ‘global embarrassment’. But we weren’t afraid because of past experiences - my best advice is never to be afraid of failure. Just look at the way things turned out.”