Flying the green flag

St Teresa's Primary School
St Teresa's Primary School

ECO-CONSCIOUS youngsters are flying the flag for sustainability after their school became the first in the borough to be awarded a prestigious fourth green flag.

St Teresa’s Primary School’s pioneering year five and six pupils have led the way - meeting weekly to develop new ways to deliver their eco message.

Since hosting a dedicated sustainability week last year, pupils have held a fair-trade tea party and held special assemblies to educate others about the importance of sustainability.

The fourth green flag was awarded to St Teresa’s as part of the international eco-schools programme.

Assessors who visited the Devon Street school from the eco-schools group said the award was “well-deserved”.

They reported: “They don’t have extensive grounds, but have demonstrated how you can still have vegetable patches, water butts, green houses and planters in what would have been a concrete yard.”

Pupils now hope to achieve ambassador status by delivering the sustainability message to the wider community.

Headteacher Paul Allen said, “This is only the beginning of our eco-journey, and we will continue to strive to be the very best in St Helens. The children are excited and are ready to achieve ambassador status.”