Firefighters rescue ducklings trapped under a manhole

Eccleston firefighters with the two ducklings
Eccleston firefighters with the two ducklings
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TWO newborn ducklings were rescued by firefighters after hatching underneath a manhole!

Local firefighters were called out by the RSPCA after residents of Long Meadow in Eccleston heard faint quacking noises from underneath a manhole on their street.

It is thought that the ducks were attracted to the area because of a nearby brook and that the mother had gained access to the drains at the side of the road before laying her eggs underneath.

Crews from Eccleston Fire Station were called out by RSPCA inspectors at about 10.20am last Thursday (April 19) and remained at the scene for about 45 minutes.

Thankfully, they released the two ducklings unharmed and the birds were taken for a check-up to a wildlife hospital in Nantwich.

Watch manager Alan Moore said: “It is the second time we have been called out to an incident like this at this location. It is because there is water in the area.”