Family’s ordeal as death crash driver is jailed

Jack Chapman
Jack Chapman

THE family of much-loved grandmother Maureen Keenan have told of their agony after a speeding motorist who caused her death was jailed.

Mrs Keenan, 77, was pulling out of a side street in her Volvo when she was struck by Jack Chapman’s car on James Street, Rainhill. He husband James, who was in the passenger seat at the time, also suffered serious injuries.

Emergency crews had to remove the roof of Mrs Keenan’s car to help rescue the trapped pensioners before taking them to nearby Whiston Hospital for emergency treatment. Sadly, Mrs Keenan died as a result of her injuries.

Chapman, 22, of Fairfield Road, Dentons Green, was jailed for 38 months before Liverpool Crown Court last week – after pleading guilty to causing death by dangerous driving – and banned from driving for four years.

Peter Knowles, 22, of King Edward Road, Rainhill, admitted a charge of dangerous driving following the same incident – after crashing his car into a nearby telegraph pole. He was jailed for six months.

In a statement, Mrs Keenan’s daughters, Janet Tyrer and Laura Gregory paid tribute to police and paramedics, and said: “On April 5, 2012, we learned the true meaning of the word ‘pain’. We knew instantly that we would never see our lovely mum again.

“The journey to hospital and the horror we faced were unspeakable. Mum had squeezed dad’s hand moments before she died and we are tormented by the fear she may have suffered in her dying moments.

“Mum was a bright, healthy and lively woman – young for her years.

“She was a devoted wife, mother and grandmother. She held hard work, honesty, integrity, moral values, family bonds and treating people with respect at the centre of her life. As a family, she inspired us all.

“Our parents were simply going about their daily lives and found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. Mum’s life was cruelly taken away by a thoughtless and reckless act.

“We truly hope that no other family will be forced to endure the kind of suffering that has been inflicted upon us as a consequence of Chapman and Knowles’ appallingly irresponsible behaviour.”