Family reunion at safari park

Family reunion for Knowsley Kiang
Family reunion for Knowsley Kiang
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The herd of Kiang at Knowsley Safari has recently expanded with the arrival of six new females: Indira, Bashay, Cin-Tsha, Chanmani, Makarena, and Theonila.

Joining from Highland Wildlife Park and Monde Sauvage in Belgium, the new arrivals aren’t strangers to the existing herd as Indira is young filly, Amala’s, mother and Chandmani is mum to current herd matriarch Soba.

Kiang, like most equid species, are very social and live in close herds in the wild. Led by an older female, the herd can usually be seen roaming in a single file with all members carrying out day-to-day activities in unison.

Heather Mugglestone, animal keeper, says: “Introducing new members to a herd can be tricky, but we’re lucky to have the space to make considered introductions that ensure the welfare of both our existing animals and our new arrivals.

“Reuniting the related females will be interesting to see and we’re looking forward to studying their familiarities with each other to see if they exhibit any shared traits, despite being away from each other for a spell.”

Indigenous to China, Kiang are the largest of the wild ass species often reaching nearly seven feet tall.