Eye-popping John bulges into the global spotlight

A St Helens man’s eye-popping talent has turned him into an overnight internet sensation.

John Doyle first stumbled upon his ability to bulge his eyes while pulling funny faces with friends down the pub.

Eyeball popping sensation John Doyle.

Eyeball popping sensation John Doyle.

But a YouTube video of his talent - which now boasts more than 700,000 views - has since launched him into the global spotlight.

He said: “My friends were in shock more than anything when I suddenly realised what I could do.

“It’s weird to explain how I do it - it feels like I’m pulling my eyelids backwards. Even my optometrist can’t work it out!

“Since uploading my video on YouTube I’ve appeared on TV in France, Finland and America and was even flown out to Japan to appear on a comedy panel TV show over there.

“They asked me walk around Tokyo tapping people on the shoulder before popping my eyes out.

“I never thought anything like that would happen when I was messing about in the pub!”

Internet marketer John, of Ritherup Lane, Rainhill, whose performing name is Mr Zoom, now hopes to make it into the Guinness World Records book by breaking the current mark of 12mm extension out of the eye sockets.

While in Japan the 30-year-old father-of-one’s eye extension was measured at 13.5mm but he needs to get that verified first for the record to stand.

He said: “Unfortunately, the equipment is hard to come by and when I went for my measurement it was off the scale! I’m going to have another go soon though.”

And he admits that his extraordinary talent even splits opinion in his own family.

“My wife thinks it’s funny and my daughter Ruth, who’s three, loves it,” he added, “but my mum hates it - she won’t even watch it.”