Ex-Saints ace vows to keep on fighting

Steve Prescott MBE undergoing treatment
Steve Prescott MBE undergoing treatment

A FORMER Saints star battling cancer has vowed to carry on with his fund-raising efforts despite his deteriorating health.

Steve Prescott MBE, who was diagnosed with pseudomyxoma peritonei (pmp), a rare form of abdomen cancer, in 2006, is still working to raise money for research into his condition despite spending weeks on end in hospital.

The ex-St Helens, Hull and Wakefield fullback has been in hospital for the past five weeks due to complications associated with his condition.

Doctors have informed Steve that he will not be able to eat or drink properly until a cure is found by scientists at specialist cancer hospital, The Christie.

Headed by Dr Andrew Renehan scientists are undertaking a pioneering two year piece of research testing a number of drugs on diseased cells with the aim of finding one which will halt the effects of pmp.

Dr Renehansaid: “PMP isn’t like other cancers, it doesn’t exist in a lump, like liver or breast cancer, it is a gel-like deposit which ‘wraps’ itself around organs.

“Even with many hours in surgery and intensive chemotherapy given on the operating table, pmp is incredibly difficult to remove, the only hope for Steve and other sufferers is to find a cure.

Despite this prognosis Steve is all the more determined to carry on raising money to assist the research and help scientists find a cure.

Steve said: “The last few weeks have been very tough but I would like to thank my family, friends and the rugby league community for their support.”

Donations to the Steve Prescott Foundation can be made at: www.justgiving.com/steveprescottfoundation.co.uk