Ethan, 10, to mum’s rescue

Ethan Greenall with mum Alison
Ethan Greenall with mum Alison
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A QUICK-THINKING youngster has been hailed a hero after racing to his mum’s rescue when she collapsed unconscious.

Ethan Greenall, 10, instinctively moved his mum, Alison, into a comfortable position and dialled 999 after she slumped at the bottom of the stairs following a mile-long run around her native Haresfinch.

The Holy Cross Primary School pupil even had the presence of mind to alert the neighbours and wedge open the front door so paramedics could get to his mum as quickly as possible.

Alison, who has now made a full recovery, said: “I was out running and had to stop because I felt ill. All of a sudden my vision went off and I really started to struggle. It’s a good job my little boy was with me on his bike at the time.

“I couldn’t even put my key in the door when we got back home and, as soon as I walked in, I collapsed unconscious at the bottom of the stairs. But Ethan moved me to make sure I could breathe, alerted the neighbours and dialled 999. He started off talking to the 999 operator too before one of the neighbours took over.

“He even started shaking me and gently slapping my face to try to bring me round. Words can’t describe how proud I am of him. How many 10-year-olds would have the presence of mind to do that?”

Alison, of Green Leach Avenue, has since bought her son a new lego set to say a big thank you.

The 37-year-old was still unconscious when a rapid-response paramedic arrived at the scene, and her pulse was very faint.

She was taken to Whiston Hospital for emergency treatment and has since undergone a series of tests - but, at this stage, doctors remain puzzled about happened to her.

Alison added: “I’ve been a regular runner in the past but have just had six months off before starting up again. I was only on a light run though - it was nothing too strenuous.

“Ethan was amazing. He’s done a bit of first aid training in school and with cubs before but he’s never had to deal with anything like that before. The neighbours were fantastic too. They helped Ethan when he needed them most and looked after him when I was taken away in the ambulance.”

The headteacher at Ethan’s school, Maureen Matthews, said: “Ethan showed great calm and maturity in a very difficult situation and we will be presenting him with a special award. We’re all really proud of him.”