Estate agent is a quiz king

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A RAINHILL man had millions of people on the edge of their seats over the weekend, when he scooped a massive cash prize on the world's most popular quiz show.

Forty-seven-year-old Mark Kerr wowed audiences up-and-down the country on Saturday night, after his incredible performance earned him 250,000 on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? with the question "Vidkun Quisling was a traitorous leader of which country during World War II?"

Mark, a director of a property company, who answered correctly with Norway, said: "I'm still very much in shock, in the sense of the amount I've won. But to be honest, it's a mixture of feelings, because strangely enough, it's a bit of an anti-climax once you come away from the show, as nothing can beat that experience. But don't get me wrong – I'm delighted!"

Mark was whisked away to Elstree – where the show is filmed – last Wednesday, following a call from the programme's producers the previous Sunday. After a night in a local hotel, Mark's big chance came the next day, where his father, Bill, watched-on from the studio audience.

The father-of-two took just over three seconds to win the fastest-finger round, whereafter he answered nine straight questions without using a life-line, to get to 16,000.

By the time he reached the 250,000 mark, Mark had used up all of his life-lines, and was faced with the question: "In Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet', which of these characters does not die?" for a potential half-a-million.

Mark said: "I knew it was not Romeo, because he kills himself at the end, and I had a feeling it was not Tybalt, but I wasn't sure which one of the other two (Mercutio or Benvolio) it was.

"I was kicking myself because I own the film – the Leonardo Di Caprio version – but I've only watched it half-way through! So I wasn't tempted one bit!" The correct answer was Benvolio.

Mark celebrated his performance with a party at the Victoria pub, Rainhill, on Saturday, where guests including his wife Tracey, and daughters, twelve-year-old Rachel – who was one of Mark's phone-a-friends – and ten-year-old Helena, watched his triumph.

Mark, a member of the Victoria quiz team, is no stranger to television quiz shows.

In 2001/02, Mark appeared on Discovery Mastermind, while in February 2002, he won ITV's 'Britain's Brainiest Estate Agent'.

He said: "Millionaire is my greatest achievement.

"And it goes without saying: my winnings will mean my family will be getting spoilt!"