Election fight claims probed

Ex council leader Brian Spencer
Ex council leader Brian Spencer

THE moments before police led ex-council leader Brian Spencer away from last week’s local election count were captured on video.

Footage posted on the Youtube video-sharing website shows the former local Lib Dem leader and several Labour party members huddling around a Town Hall count following last Thursday’s borough-wide vote.

Another short video purports to capture the police involvement immediately following a fracas in the main hall.

Mr Spencer, who lost his Sutton seat to Labour’s Jimmy Jackson by more than 800 votes, was led away from the main hall by police following a scuffle shortly after midnight.

No arrests were made but an allegation of an assault on Labour candidate Mark Johnson has since been lodged and a police probe launched.

A police spokesman confirmed: “Merseyside Police can confirm that it has received an allegation of assault at St Helens Town Hall at 12.30am on Friday, May 4. Officers are currently dealing with the complaint.”

A Labour party spokesman said Mr Johnson had alleged to police that Mr Spencer lashed out following an argument.

He said: “Brian Spencer was visibly upset at the realisation that his Lib Dem party were facing an electoral catastrophe.

“There was no provocation whatsoever.

“A complaint of assault has been made to the police, who had to forcibly remove Mr Spencer from the count room.”

He added: “It is a terribly sad ending to Brian Spencer’s political career – firstly he was rejected by the residents of Sutton and then he was ejected from the Town Hall by St Helens Police.”

Mr Spencer was unavailable for comment.