Election candidates list revealed

Marie Rimmer
Marie Rimmer
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Former Town Hall leader Brian Spencer and ex-Mayor John Beirne are both set to challenge Marie Rimmer for the St Helens South and Whiston seat at next month’s General Election.

Spencer is set to run for the Lib Dems and Beirne for UKIP against Coun Rimmer - who was chosen as the Labour Party’s candidate to succeed Shaun Woodward.

Tory candidate Gillian Keegan and the Green Party’s James Chan complete the list.

In St Helens North, Conor McGinn will bid to replace Dave Watts as the Labour MP.

Facing him will be Denise Aspinall (Lib Dems), Ian Smith (UKIP), Paul Richardson (Conservative) and Elizabeth Ward (Green).

Local elections are also set to take place on May 7.

In Billinge and Seneley Green, Labour’s Joe Pearson will be aiming to defend his seat against Judith Collins (Conservative), Susan Rahman (Green) and independent candidate Peter Peers.

In Blackbrook, Labour’s local chief whip Linda Maloney faces Nancy Ashcroft (Conservative), Jean Denny (UKIP), Ellen Finney (Green) and Sean Marsh (TUSC).

In Bold, Labour’s Anthony Johnson faces Marise Roberts (Lib Dem), Barbara Woodcock (Conservative), Marcus Oxley (UKIP) and David Parr (Green).

In Earlestown, Labour’s Keith Deakin will be aiming to defend his seat against David Skeech (Conservative), Paul Brown (UKIP) and Ian Fraser (Green).

In Eccleston, Lib Dem councillor Michael Haw faces opposition from Paul Roberts (Labour), John Cunliffe (Conservative), Alison Donnelly (Green) and Stephen Broughton (UKIP).

In Haydock, two candidates will be elected as the local election is combined with a by-election following the death of former councillor Bill Anderton.

Labour’s Jeanette Banks and Martin Bond face Wally Ashcroft (Conservative), David Van Der Burg (Green) and UKIP candidates Robert Lavin and Ian Smith.

In Moss Bank, Labour’s John Fulham will be aiming to defend his seat against Margaret Harvey (Conservative), Brian Hart (Green) and Patricia Shannon (UKIP).

In Newton-le-Willows, Labour’s Sandra Dyer faces Brian Honey (Conservative), David Smith (Lib Dem), Rachel Parkinson (Green) and Mark Sherman (UKIP).

In Parr, Labour’s Keith Roberts faces John Beirne (UKIP), Madeleine Wilcock (Conservative), Mark Marsh (Green) and independent candidate Paul Crimes.

In Rainford, Allan Jones (Conservative) faces Keith Aspinall (Labour), Kevin Robinson (Green) and Anthony Parr (UKIP).

In Rainhill, Labour’s Joe De Asha faces Kathleen Barton (Conservative), Laura Taylor (Green) and Harold Gibbons (UKIP).

In Sutton, Labour’s Janet Johnson faces Brian Spencer (Lib Dems), Daniel Whitehouse (Conservative), Gareth Leonard (Green) and John Fairhurst (UKIP).

In Thatto Heath, Labour’s Pat Ireland faces Anthony Rigby (Conservative), Damien Clarke (Green) and Alan Dutton (UKIP).

In the Town Centre, former councillor Carole Ann Gill (Labour) returns to try to win back the seat. She faces Henry Spriggs (Conservative), Francis Williams (Green) and Mark Hitchen (UKIP).

In West Park, Labour’s Marlene Quinn faces Richard Barton (Conservative), Andrew Gathercole (Green) and Paul Bosworth (UKIP).

And in Windle, Labour’s David Baines faces Noreen Knowles (Lib Dems), Robert Reynolds (Conservative), Ann Shacklady-Smith (Green) and Maria Parr (UKIP).