Eight arrested over ATM attacks

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A total of eight people have now been arrested on suspicion of ATM attacks after raids in St Helens and Prescot.

Eight were arrested following search warrants in St Helens, Huyton, Prescot and Wavertree.

The eight men charged are:

Andrew Michael White, aged 27, of Exeter Street, St Helens

Anthony David White, aged 26, of Kingswood, Huyton

Carl John Cavanagh, aged 33, of Lime Court, Huyton

Anthony Raymond Conroy, aged 29, of Ash Vale, Wavertree

Michael Francis Galea, aged 41, of Gregson Road, Prescot

Nanu Miah, aged 27, of Anderton Road, Sparbrook, Birmingham

Scott Pearson, aged 34, of Ena Crescent, Leigh

Gary Andrew Carey, aged 39, of Barford Road, Huyton

The charges relate to the period in February 1 2015 and February 13, 2016 during which ATM machines in England and Scotland were attacked on ten different occasions.

The eight men have been kept in custody to appear before Liverpool City Magistrates Court on Thursday morning.