Ear-biting allegation is a hit with internet jokers

Billy Slater's injured ear
Billy Slater's injured ear

JAMES Graham’s alleged ear-biting has become the subject of a host of internet jokes.

The former St Helens favourite was accused of biting Billy Slater during the NRL Grand Final.

The 27-year-old was banned for 12 games, the longest in NRL history.

However, his antics have fuelled internet pranksters, with one picture floating around cyber-space of Graham mocked up as Hannabil Lector.

Others have Saints chairman Eamonn McManus warning Graham his move to Canterbury Bulldogs would “come back to bite you”, while another has him licking his lips and proclaiming “Ears are so yummy.”

The fact that Graham continues to protest his innocence has failed to put a stop to the banter.

Until ear-gate, Graham had an largely blemish-free disciplinary record, although he once injured himself punching a window in anger after teammate Leon Pryce and Lee Gilmour dyed his ginger hair jet black during a drunken, end of season prank.