Drivers who use mobile phone behind the wheel targeted by police

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More than 30 people were issued with penalty notices and fines on Merseyside during a day of action to address the issue of mobile phone use behind the wheel.

Merseyside Police was one of a number of forces across the UK who are taking part in a week-long operation on road safety this week (22-26 January). Members of the public who were found to be using their mobile phone whilst driving were issued with a £200 fine and six penalty points, this can also result in new drivers losing their licence for committing a single offence.

As part of the Merseyside Police ‘What’s The Cost?’ campaign on road safety, officers carried out patrols around arterial routes around the city in unmarked vehicles including a HGV, transit van and motorcycles.

Inspector Keith Kellett, of Matrix Roads Policing said: “It has been illegal to use a mobile device, held in the hand, whilst driving or stopped with the engine on since December 2003, and this day of action has hopefully reminded drivers of the serious consequences of their actions.

They are distracted from the road, their attention and reflexes are impaired and this behaviour is just the same as drink and drug driving with catastrophic consequences.

If you know people who use their phones at the wheel, challenge them, make sure your friends and family do not lose their licence, their job, or cause a serious accident through their behaviour.

We are committed to reducing the number of deaths on our roads and we will continue to target drivers who recklessly endanger lives.”