Drink driver regrets ‘stupid decision’

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A ST Helens man was caught drink driving while trying to retrieve a mobile phone he had left in the pub.

Darron Rooney was stopped by police while driving his black Peugeot 307 back into St Helens on the evening of August 26.

St Helens Magistrates’ Court heard how the officers’ attention was drawn to a strange noise that the vehicle was making – caused by a problem with one of the tyres.

When they stopped the vehicle they quickly realised that Rooney, 36, had been drinking and he provided a positive test at the roadside. The lowest of the two readings he gave was 118mg of alcohol per 100ml of breath. The limit is 80mg.

But Ian Morris, defending, told how his client had “extensive mitigation”.

He told how Rooney had caught a bus into St Helens to go for a social drink before walking back to his Sutton Road home. However, when he arrived home, he realised he had left his mobile phone in the pub.

Mr Morris admitted that his client had made “a stupid, rash decision”, but explained that the mobile phone was Rooney’s only point of contact with his mother, who had been undergoing chemotherapy for cancer and has since passed away.

After standing the case down for the preparation of a probation service report, Magistrates disqualified Rooney from driving for two years and ordered him to complete a 12-month community order and pay £85 costs.