Don’t miss out on your chance to vote

St Helens Town Hall
St Helens Town Hall
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The countdown has begun to local and European parliamentary elections on Thursday, May 22.

More than five million people across the North West will have the opportunity to vote in European elections to select the region’s eight Members of the European Parliament (MEPs).

At the same time, electors in St Helens will be choosing their local ward councillors - a third of the council’s 48 councillors are up for election.

Remember you will not be able to vote in either unless you have ensured you are on the electoral register by Tuesday, May 6.

Anyone who is on the electoral register can choose to register to vote by post. But applications for a postal vote in the forthcoming elections must be received by 5pm on Wednesday, May 7.

Polling cards for those who are already on the electoral register will begin to be delivered this week, so people who are registered should look out for theirs in the post.

Anyone who is not registered can visit to download a registration form.

If you need to update your details or check whether you are on the register, call 01744 676464.

A full list of candidates for the European Parliamentary Elections will be published at 5pm on Thursday, April 24 and for the St Helens Council elections at 4pm the following day.

Sir Howard Bernstein, regional returning officer for the European Parliamentary Elections, said: “This election gives people the chance to elect the politicians who will represent them in Europe. It is essential to make sure nobody loses out on their right to vote.”

Council returning officer Angela Sanderson added: “The local elections are important in helping shape what happens in St Helens.”