Don’t hedge your bets at car park!

Angela Stevenson at the Mill Street car park in Prescot.
Angela Stevenson at the Mill Street car park in Prescot.

A MOTORIST is challenging a parking fine because she claims a pay and display sign was hidden from view behind a bush.

Angela Stevenson, 40, says she was stunned to pick up a parking ticket in Prescot’s Mill Street car park on June 23 as the car park had previously been free to use.

However, council chiefs insist that multiple pay and display signs and payment machines were installed at the car park before she was caught out - and that none of them are obscured.

Mrs Stevenson claims the nearest pay and display sign was hidden from view by a bush as she drove in. She is now determined to take her case to a tribunal.

She said: “That car park has always been free to use but, since June 1, they’ve started fining people. It wasn’t clear that I had to pay and display.

“I had only parked there for 20 minutes to go to the bank and didn’t spot the pay and display sign because it was right at the back of the Old Mill pub - behind a bush.”

Mrs Stevenson, of Heathfield Avenue, Sutton Heath, claims more signs have been put up in the car park since she complained about her ticket - an assertion a council spokesman vehemently denied.

She added: “It only costs 50p to park there for an hour so it’s not about the money - it’s the principle. I’m a law abiding citizen and I’d be happy to pay the 50p that I owe, but I don’t want to pay a £40 fine.”

A spokesman for Knowsley Council, whose contractors Legion Group run the Mill Street car park, said: “Thirteen large and prominently placed signs were put in Mill Street car park on June 1, advising customers that they now need to pay and display. Before then, we installed highly visible temporary signs alerting motorists that parking charges were being brought in and allowed a 10-day grace period.”