Dog found dumped and starving

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A DOG found abandoned on the streets of Newton-le-Willows in shocking condition is looking for a new home.

The brindle Staffordshire bull terrier cross was discovered staggering along Acorn Street starving, filthy and covered in white paint at around 1.30pm on Friday December 18.

The male animal, believed to be between eight and 10 years old, was taken to the vets where he regurgitated items including cigarette butts and large pieces of plastic.

The dog, who has been named Spud, will now be offered for adoption while St Helens Council wants to trace his previous owners and is appealing for information.

St Helens Council cabinet member for green, smart and sustainable borough Coun Seve Gomez-Aspron said: “This is yet another sad case of a dog suffering through neglect but one that hopefully acts as an eye-opener for other irresponsible owners.

“Hopefully we can help Spud find a new home where he will receive the love and attention he deserves, but as we approach Christmas I would urge people to do their homework around the costs and needs of any animal that they may decide on as a pet.”

Spud is now able to keep down meals and dog welfare and enforcement officers hope he can be rehomed now he is on the mend.

The town hall’s dog welfare and enforcement team is urging any potential pet owners to consider visiting a rehoming centre instead of a breeder to stop puppy farming and to ensure animals are neutered and microchipped.

Pet owners should also consider dogs live on average for 13 years and ensure the animal they are considering will receive enough exercise and fit in with their lifestyle.

Residents are also advised to consider attending training classes, speak to rehoming centre staff about which breeds will be suitable for houses with children and ensure they have enough money to cover vets bills for flea treatment, worming and vaccinations.

Anyone with information about Spud’s owners should call the St Helens Dog Welfare and Enforcement Team on 01744 676299.