Dog chased and ‘barked aggressively’ at runner

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An Eccleston man has complained about an out of control dog that urinated on football pitches before chasing a jogger.

Janet Anderson, clerk at Eccleston Parish Council, told a recent meeting that she had a received an email from a resident highlighting the incident.

She was told the incident happened on one of the football pitches on Ecclesfield.

“Whilst jogging around a pitch the resident was followed by the dog that he felt was barking aggressively at him,” minutes from a recent parish council meeting state.

“The clerk was advised to contact the dog warden at St Helens Council who responded to say that it was not an offence for a dog to urinate in a public place.

“St Helens Council also advised that an individual could make a complaint to the magistrates if they felt they were in fear of being injured by a dog.”