‘Doctor’s abuse made me ill’

Dr Roy Murray
Dr Roy Murray
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One of the victims, who wishes not to named and was a patient of Dr Roy Murray’s at his Liverpool Road practice from 1976 until he retired in 2002, has spoken of her ordeal.

The perverted doctor began abusing her when she was just 16. With no medical cause, he often made her strip naked before fondling her breasts.

She was awarded £7,500 compensation from the North West NHS strategic health authority after Murray’s conviction.

She said: “I heard rumours about Dr Murray being arrested in around 2002 then saw news report and immediately realised that Dr Murray’s examinations had been inappropriate.

“It was difficult for me to talk about because I was embarrassed and just felt that I had to try and get on with my life and suffered in silence.

“He was my family GP from when I was born so I never knew any different. It’s affected my life and personal relationships.”