Doctor answers religious calling

Dr Ian Wynne
Dr Ian Wynne
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A NEWTON GP has answered a very different call ... after he was ordained as a church deacon.

Dr Ian Wynne was ordained in a special service at Liverpool Cathedral and will take up post at St James the Great in Haydock.

Father-of-two Ian, 58, will spend a year working as an assistant to a vicar before the Bishop ordains them to the priesthood.

He will continue to practice medicine alongside his new ministry and comes to St James’ Church from St Oswald’s, the parish Church of Winwick, where he was churchwarden and Lay Chairman of Winwick Deanery Synod. He said: “I have felt a call to ministry since I was a teenager, but for many years it was a call for the future. But in the last few years that calling has been more insistent and now is the right time.

“I feel called to ministry in the parish and I am really looking forward to working with and serving the community of Haydock.”

Dr Wynne’s job move is similar to St Helens Parish Church’s vicar David Eastwood, who quit a succesful career as a divorce lawyer to join the priesthood.

Meanwhile, St Ann’s Church in Rainhill will welcome Michael Leyden who also became one of 18 new deacons ordained in the Diocese of Liverpool on Sunday (July 3).

The order of Deacon enables Michael to perform certain key duties within the parish, including the baptism of new Christians.

Only once ordained to the priesthood will he be able to celebrate Holy Communion and conduct marriages.

Michael became a Christian at secondary school through the influence of several teachers.

He said: “It was a real eye opener for me and I began to read and study. About a year or so later I started to feel particularly drawn to ordained ministry. It wasn’t a flash of revelation, just a developing interest in ministry, sharing my faith, and helping other Christians to grow in their faith.”

The father-of-one eventually went forward for ordination selection and moved to Nottingham to complete his ordination training.

Michael added: “I’m really looking forward to experiencing all of the different elements of ministry. I love being with people of all ages and from all different backgrounds and their hearing stories. Rainhill Parish is of such variety that I’m really looking forward to meeting people over a cuppa.”