Dispute over taxi e-cigs ban

An e-cigarette.
An e-cigarette.
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Cabbies in St Helens are flouting a “poorly drafted” council directive banning the use of electronic cigarettes in taxis, a driver has claimed.

Dave Fairclough, a former police officer, says he and many of his colleagues believe new guidelines on e-cigs allow passengers to use them, but not drivers themselves.

He said: “Having read the wording of the guidelines it’s my opinion that only drivers are included in the ban. There are plenty of drivers who are just ignoring this ban.”

The prohibition is contained in the council’s code of practice relating to drivers’ conduct and makes no mention of passengers. Mr Fairclough believes that in order for e-cigs to be included in the ban, council chiefs would have to pass a by-law.

However, a council spokesman refuted the claims, adding: “Drivers who allow their passengers to smoke tobacco or e-cigarettes risk having their licence suspended.”