Disgraced doctor struck off

Shahid Ayyoub.
Shahid Ayyoub.
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A St Helens doctor who groped a car crash victim’s breasts at a GP surgery has been struck off.

Shahid Ayyoub, 53, took off the patient’s bra and massaged her with oil after she went to him with whiplash injuries.

The doctor, from St Helens, who was jailed in January, has now been banned from the profession after bosses ruled him unfit to practice.

Ayyoub was working in Leeds, West Yorks, when he assaulted the patient in June 2012.

A panel heard the doctor’s victim was a 22-year-old female who came to him with back and neck problems following a road traffic accident.

During the appointment the GP produced a bottle of “massage oil” which he told her he could use to help ease the pain.

Ayyoub then asked her to lie on her front on an examination table, pulled up her top and undid her bra before groping her.

He left the room before returning and locking the door and further assaulting her.

The Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) panel chairman Dr Brian Crompton said the assault breached “the fundamental tenets of the medical profession”.

He said: “In acting as he did, Dr Ayyoub breached the trust that patients place in him. He demonstrated a gross failure to uphold the standards which are to be expected of a doctor and acted in a way that is seriously damaging to the reputation of the profession.”

Ayyoub was jailed in January for 12 months, later reduced to six months on appeal, after he was convicted of two sexual assaults.