David Dickinson visit - in pictures

Flamboyant antiques expert David Dickinson visited St Helens to shoot an episode of his popular daytime TV show Dickinson’s Real Deal.

Friday, 29th November 2013, 8:00 am
David Dickinson at Sutton High.
David Dickinson at Sutton High.

Scores of people flocked to Sutton High Sports College to see how much their collectables were worth.

And St Helens certainly didn’t let anyone down!

Among the items valued on the day were a collection of African artefacts, a souvenir from Pitcairn Island dating back to 1900 and an autograph book featuring the signatures of all four Beatles.

David Dickinson at Sutton High.

As part of the show - due to be screened on ITV in June 2014 - independent valuers put an estimate on how much they think each of the items are worth.

This figure is revealed to the audience at home.

The items are then passed to the dealers, who make their own valuation and try to purchase them by placing a cash offer on the table.

The seller then decides whether to accept or decline the deal, with the help of David Dickinson, and, if the deal is declined, the items go to auction.

Janice Welsby, 60, of Windle, who brought along the autograph book, was coy about whether she had agreed to sell or not - but did reveal that her item had been valued at between £400 and £600.

She said: “A relative of mine worked at the Liverpool Empire in the 60s and, when the Beatles played there, he got all their autographs for me.

“I did quite like the Beatles but they were just starting out at the time and I don’t think anyone realised how famous they would become.

“Thankfully, I’ve kept hold of the autographs in a drawer at my home for all these years!

“David Dickinson was quite interested in my item - and it was valued at between £400 and £600.”