St Helens man arranged for plane to fly over Old Trafford during campaign of harassment

Old Trafford
Old Trafford
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A St Helens man has been sentenced for pursuing a campaign of harassment that included arranging for a plane to be flown over Old Trafford football ground with a banner accusing his victim of financial irregularities.

The Complex Case Court at Sefton Magistrates Court heard that Nicholas Kenny also hired billboards to be placed outside Everton football ground with posters making allegations against his victim who is a businessman with links to the club.

Kenny, 46, of Japonica Gardens in Bold, St Helens, claimed there had been issues with a deal to sell land for development that his victim and Kenny’s father Jim Kenny had been involved in. Jim Kenny died in 2001 and his son claimed he was owed money.

Instead of trying to iron out any potential issues through the Civil Courts, Nicholas Kenny began a four year campaign of slurs and allegations against his victim. He produced flyers and posters attacking his victim's character. He made claims via social media, Facebook and twitter and via a website designed for the purpose.

He pleaded guilty to causing harassment and has been given an electric tagging curfew which means he can’t leave the house between the hours of 9pm to 6am for six weeks.

The Crown Prosecution Service also asked the court to impose an indefinite restraining order on Kenny which the court granted.

Neil Audley, of Mersey Cheshire Crown Prosecution Service said: “This campaign of harassment went on for a number of years. Kenny waged a campaign of slurs and allegations. Posters and leaflets making the claims were placed at prominent locations around the area. This caused a lot of stress to the victim and his family.

“The harassment was extensive - at one point Kenny hired a plane to be flown over the Old Trafford football ground, which trailed a banner, repeating the allegations.

“In view of the stress this has caused the victim, the Crown Prosecution Service requested an indefinite restraining order against Kenny.

"This was granted and the Restraining Order prevents Kenny from approaching or contacting the victim except through solicitors. It also orders that Kenny must not post any comments about him on social media, on billboards, flyers or on his website, which his defence have said is now in the process of being taken down.

“The CPS built a strong case against Kenny and, in the face of that, he has pleaded guilty and he has been sentenced. Harassment can take many forms but the effect on the victim is very often the same - extremely traumatic.”