Police: None for the road is the message

Police in St Helens are reinforcing their 'none for the road' message this Christmas
Police in St Helens are reinforcing their 'none for the road' message this Christmas
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Police chiefs in St Helens are telling motorists to heed the advice to have ‘none for the road’ over the festive period.

Since the start of December 105 people have been arrested for drink and drug driving offences in Merseyside.

And police say the only way to ensure they are not impaired by alcohol while driving is to abstein completely if you are getting behind the wheel.

The operation began on 1 December, and to date 54 drink driving and 51 drug driving offences have been identified with 40 arrests last weekend alone. During the whole of the 2015 operation (across December 2015), only 66 drug drivers were arrested.

Insp Keith Kellett from Merseyside Police Roads Policing Unit said: “We are less than half of the way into this year’s operation and already over 100 people have been arrested. The reality is that this is 100 people who have ruined their own Christmases and those of their families, not to mention the huge dangers they pose on the roads.

“The incident in Walton at the weekend where a suspected drink driver crashed into a house on the corner of Grandison Road and Lauriston Road is just one example of the huge dangers that drink and drug driving can pose, and we are determined to make Merseyside as safe as possible by removing these people from the roads.

“Whether motorists are ignorant of the laws or are confident that they will not be stopped, I want to make it clear that our patrols will continue across the force and we are carrying out hundreds of breath and drug tests every day, including in the early mornings to ensure people driving the morning after a night out are also on our radar.

“If you know or suspect anyone of being a drink or drug driver, please report any concerns on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 and we can take immediate action.”