MP calls for investigation in to Concentrix’s activities

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Marie Rimmer MP is demanding answers for the people of St Helens and Knowsley who have been badly impacted by the inadequate service from Concentrix.

While Labour MPs have welcomed that HMRC has finally taken action in announcing that the Concentrix contract will not be renewed after pressure from the public, the party has said it is regrettable that it has taken so long to reach the decision.

HMRC chief executive Jon Thompson yesterday told a committee in Parliament that tax credits claimants would never again have to deal with a private company.

This follows thousands of single mums, including some in St Helens, being stripped of hundreds of pounds by the US firm due to inaccurate claims about their lives.

Mr Thompson told the Treasury Committee HMRC will not look for a third party to help it with the tax credit system. The National Audit Office has also indicated it will investigate the contract between Concentrix and the revenue-gathering body.

Marie Rimmer said: “There are still serious questions to be answered about the administration of the child tax credit system in general, and by Concentrix in particular. We are faced with a commercial organisation pursuing profit whilst performing what ought to be a public service.

“In recent weeks I’ve been in contact with residents who have had their claims stopped because they’ve been accused of co-habiting with their own children and others who have made dozens of calls but still not had their issue resolved after five months.

“I will continue to push for justice for all those people in St Helens South and Whiston who have been unfairly targeted by Concentrix.”

Rebecca Long Bailey, Labour’s Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury, added: “MPs are being approached by growing numbers of distressed people in their constituencies who appear to have been unfairly targeted by SYNNEX-Concentrix. The Government must act as a matter of urgency to ensure that those affected by this receive the financial support and justice they deserve.

“The Government also has a moral duty to commit to an official investigation into Concentrix’s conduct since it was granted the contract in 2014, so we can determine how this situation was allowed to arise”