Former RL player’s restraining order widened by court

Justices agreed to vary the order against Long
Justices agreed to vary the order against Long

A violent former rugby player has had the terms of a restraining order against him widened after a court heard he kept turning up at his assault victim ex’s workplace.

Karl Long, who played in both codes for St Helens, Widnes, Sale Sharks, London Broncos and Fylde before opening a tanning salon and nail bar in Wigan, had denied the assault and battery of Melanie Latimer in Up Holland on April 1 last year.

But in December justices convicted the 37-year-old, of Albion Drive, New Springs, Wigan after a trial.

He was electronically tagged and not allowed to leave home between 7pm and 7am until May 21 this year.

As well as paying compensation to his victim plus court costs totalling £650, he also had to participate in a Building Better Relationships programme and had a restraining order preventing his contacting Ms Latimer unless via a solicitor, social services or through the family courts until June 4, 2020.

But at a Wigan Magistrates’ Court hearing the bench heard a request that the terms of the order be broadened to include Ms Latimer’s place of work - the Scissor Sisters salon in Orrell.

It was requested “on the grounds that the defendant regularly drives past and parks up at her place of work, leaving her anxious, worried and concerned for her safety.”

Justices agreed to vary the order so that Long is not allowed to go within 30m of Scissor Sisters, Orrell, between the hours of 8am and 8pm, Monday to Saturday, inclusive. The length of the order remains the same.