Crime reports at controversial Reminisce dance festival revealed

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Police have revealed there were a total of 16 reports of crime or antisocial behaviour at the violence-marred Reminisce Festival in St Helens.

This figure includes seven reports of antisocial behaviour, all of which resulted in officers issuing dispersal notices to unruly ravers.

The September 10 dance festival was plunged into chaos when a reveller was stabbed in the face during a fracas.

Official figures released to the Reporter show there were 11 crimes reported and seven antisocial behaviour incidents.

That includes three arrests for drunk and disorderly, one of which was also arrested for possession of drugs.

Following trouble at last year’s event, which is organised by a company in Liverpool and attracts a large percentage of its customers from the city, police introduced dispersals zones around the Sherdley Park festival.

These orders give police officers the power to remove individuals from the area if they are suspected of being involved in antisocial behaviour.

The police initiative appears to have had only a degree of success, helping to reduce the incidents of antisocial behaviour from nine in 2015 to seven in 2016, while reports of crime fell from 14 to 11.

Temporary superintendent Jonathan Davies said: “Thankfully the assault was an isolated incident and investigations are continuing to trace the offender. I would appeal for anyone with information to come forward and assist us.

“The festival was well planned and marshalled. Part of that process was addressing issues of anti-social behaviour. We introduced anti-social dispersal zones around the event that can require people to leave the area. These were monitored and enforced, reducing the reports of anti-social behaviour during the event.

“It was very well attended and I would like to thank the vast majority of members of the public who did attend for their good behaviour.”