Crime hotspots revealed online

Manning Street area of St Helens - a crime hotspot.
Manning Street area of St Helens - a crime hotspot.

MORE crimes are committed along this street than anywhere else in St Helens.

That is just one of the revelations of a new online crime map, which pinpoints crime hotspots in and around town centres the length and breadth of the country.

Surprisingly, Manning Street, off Borough Road, was identified as the worst in St Helens. In December alone, there were nine offences committed in and around there.

Four of the crimes were classed as drugs offences and two were anti-social behaviour. There was also one violent crime, one criminal damage or arson and one theft.

Other revelations included that, in December alone, there were three burglaries reported along Crab Street in St Helens town centre and two on nearby Arnot Close.

There were also two burglaries recorded on or near Spray Street, a small link road between Dentons Green Lane and Lingholme Road.

In total, there were 341 crimes reported in the town centre area in the last month of 2011 - with supermarkets, parks and college, nightlife and shopping centre areas the main focal points.

Eight offences were recorded on or near St Helens College’s town centre Brook Street site - including two violent crimes, three thefts and two drugs offences.

And there were seven offences along a cut-through between Baldwin Street and Ormskirk Street - near the Landings Roundabout.

There were also five crimes committed on or near College Street, five on Ormskirk Street itself, six on Westfield Street - including three thefts - and five on or near Clocktower Street, which links Westfield Street with Water Street.

Seven incidences of shoplifting were reported on or near the Church Square shopping area and there were 12 offences reported at different points on or near the Hardshaw Centre.

Other hotspots included the Hall Street and Shaw Street area - near St Helens Central Station - and several points near the Asda supermarket on Kirkland Street.

And Nanny Goat Park, in Fingerpost, was highlighted as a hub of anti-social behaviour - with no less than 10 reports in the area in December alone. Only three robberies were reported in the town centre area in the second half of 2011.