Crackdown on cannabis farms

A cannabis farm discovered at a house in St Helens
A cannabis farm discovered at a house in St Helens
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Police in St Helens are set to launch a major crackdown on gangs who operate cannabis farms

Supt David Charnock, who is leading the operation, said: “We are already having great successes in uncovering cannabis farms every day as more and more people become wise to the tell-tale signs that there is one in their community.

“The public have been a massive help in telling us what they know and in return we have vowed to act on that information and take action against the criminals who are profiting from these farms.

“Cannabis is not a harmless drug. It is hugely profitable to grow and sell it and we know that organised crime groups set up and control these factories, often in the very heart of local communities.

“The knock-on effects can be devastating for decent, law-abiding people who live there, as rival criminals fighting for control of these farms bring violence and initimidation to the streets.

“That is why we are going after these criminals in a concerted crackdown this month - to severely disrupt and damage their criminal activities and show the public that it is in everyone’s interests to work together to tackle this problem.”