Council's top earners' salaries revealed

Town hall chiefs in St Helens have published the salary details of their top earners.

Thursday, 1st March 2018, 10:00 am
St Helens Council's new chief executive Mike Palin

Chief executive Mike Palin is the local authority’s highest paid member of staff, taking home a salary of £142,812.

He is followed by Mike Wyatt, strategic director of people’s services, who has a pay packet of £135,000.

The deputy chief executive earns between £115,764 and £119,391 and the strategic director of place services earns between £107,205 and £114,513.

Senior assistant directors earn between £74,463 and £76,311 with assistant directors earning between £65,241 to £72,624.

Advisors and inspectors earn between £51,073 and £65,102.

Senior and principle education psychologists are paid between £48,21 and £58,081 while senior officers earn between £51,180 and £54,114.

The figures were published as part of the council’s Pay Policy Statement,

The lowest earner took home £15,375.