Councillor reported for Facebook ‘jokes’

Former councillor John Beirne
Former councillor John Beirne

A COUNCILLOR is being investigated by town hall chiefs after they received a complaint that she had posted offensive comments on Facebook.

Coun Carole Gill provoked the storm by uploading posters to her home page containing explicit swear words and a crude joke about the death of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Former councillor John Beirne reported Coun Gill to the council alleging her online antics had breached the council’s code of conduct.

“I can’t believe a councillor could act in such an irresponsible manner,” said Mr Beirne, who now runs the independent Community Action Party.

“I found the page distasteful, childish and inappropriate. Why is a serving councillor behaving in such a manner?”

The St Helens Reporter has seen the material on Coun Gill’s page which sparked the investigation but is unable to repeat details of its content.

A council spokeswoman confirmed yesterday the complaint was being investigated.

Coun Gill was unavailable for comment but a local Labour party spokesman hit back accusing Mr Beirne of ‘dirty politics’.

“The ex Lib Dem Councillor John Beirne has been trawling Facebook targeting Labour councillors and their family members looking for titbits that he can tout about to media organisations, said the spokesman.

“Every individual is entitled to privacy and this is nothing short of a despicable attempt to sully the names of Labour members.”

Mr Beirne denies Labour’s allegation and says he was alerted to Coun Gill page by a concerned friend.