Council spends £3m on street lights

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Council chiefs in St Helens are set to invest almost £3m in improving streets lights across the borough.

The cash injection will see around 10,000 obsolete lighting lanterns replaced with energy efficient LED units.

Officials predict the move will save the public purse £422,101 every year.

Coun Richard McCauley, cabinet member for transport, housing and community safety, said: “This programme of investment in replacing inefficient street lighting has ensured that the condition of the street lighting columns in the borough is relatively satisfactory and better than most comparable authorities.

“St Helens operates and maintains 23,500 street lighting units within the borough which has seen an improvement of the level of lighting. By using higher wattage lighting in residential areas, it has had a fundamental role in delivering community safety outcomes for It reduces the incidence and fear of crime.”

Coun Seve Gomez-Aspron, cabinet member for green, smart and sustainable borough, (pictured) added: “This is another example of the council applying the latest techniques to improve the service and reduce the harmful effects on the environment.

“A lot of residents noticed phase one and asked it to be included in future works due to liking the new lights.

“The carbon reduction is significant and the overall quality is better, for the new lanterns will be up to 60 percent more efficient than the old stock.

“By 2017, this Labour Council will have updated and improved 95 percent of all street lighting across the borough.

“The public asked for LED lighting because they prefer it, so it makes sense to do it. I am sure residents will notice the improvement almost immediately.”