Council set to introduce 20mph zones

St Helens Council is set to introduce a series of 20mph zones
St Helens Council is set to introduce a series of 20mph zones
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Town hall chiefs are set to create a series of 20mph zones across the borough - and say the move will help boost residents fitness levels!

Zones will be created on the Burnage Avenue estate and Forest Road area of Bold, the Concourse Way area and Gaskell Street areas of Parr and the Ravenstone Drive area of Sutton.

But funding for their creation has come from an unlikely source - the council’s public health team.

That’s because research shows traffic speeds are a major factor in deterring people, particularly women and children, from walking and cycling.

It’s hoped by enforcing slower speeds, more people will get on their bikes and get moving.

Coun Seve Gomez-Aspron, cabinet member for environment and neighbourhoods, said: “Very often it’s simply peoples’ perceptions of injury risk that deters them from walking or cycling – or letting their children go to school on their bike.

“Lower traffic speeds create better perceptions of safety and, of course, reduce the actual danger too. People with limited or restricted mobility also find access and travel to places less restrictive in areas with slower speed limits.”

Coun Andy Bowden, cabinet member for public health and wellbeing, added: “By reducing the speed limit to 20 mph, we hope it will provide more opportunities for walking and cycling in these areas - and increase levels of physical activity.”

Objections to the new zones must be made in writing to the council before February 12.