Council’s child protection service ‘improving’

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Council chiefs have been praised by inspectors reviewing their once-failing child protection services.

Knowsley Council’s child protection service was branded inadequate last year following an Ofsted report in June 2014.

But inspectors have confirmed that progress has been made in areas of of the service.

Ofsted’s main findings included:

Children in the cases reviewed are now benefiting from stable social work support from a worker who knows them well. This is as a result of the recruitment of permanent suitably qualified staff and managers to social work teams and a low number of agency workers.

A quality assurance framework has been developed and is used effectively to evaluate the quality of services that children receive, as well as to inform service developments.

The timeliness and quality of assessments has improved, with children seen as part of their assessments and their views recorded.

Significant work has been undertaken to improve the electronic system which has allowed more effective recording of the work that is done with children.

Child protection plans are in place and these are regularly reviewed and updated.

Social workers and managers in child protection teams demonstrate passion and commitment to children and young people.

Coun Gary See, cabinet member for Children’s Services, said: “I’m delighted that Ofsted have had the chance to formally acknowledge the improvements we have made over the last two years.

“We have created a really positive working environment for our social workers and our partners and this report confirms that we are doing the right things to protect and safeguard our children.

“The outcome of this inspection is a great testament to the actions we have taken, improvements we have made, along with the hard work and commitment of our staff and partners.

“I am particularly pleased that Ofsted have recognised that we have the capacity and capability needed not only to sustain the pace of improvement but also to deliver high quality services to our children and families.”